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Ocean Song Workshop- Curating Cambridge- 15th November

last modified May 07, 2015 10:49 AM
As part of Curating Cambridge CaMEO assisted sound recordist Chris Watson and community choir leader Rowena Whitehead with the Museum of Zoology's Ocean Song workshop, to launch the whole project.

The launch of the Museum of Zoology’s Ocean Song Project got off to a fantastic start, with a family friendly workshop at the Polar Museum as part of Curating Cambridge. The workshop was led by renowned sound recordist Chris Watson, who shared a plethora of sounds from the sea to inspire our music making. First Chris explained about how he captured some of the sounds and some fascinating facts about the sea creatures, which led seamlessly into an exploratory music making session with our whole bodies led by community workshop leaders Rowena Whitehead and Anna Ling, assisted by Tizzy Faller from CaMEO.


Throughout the workshop, participants explored ways in which to make sea soundscapes by mimicking the sounds of whales rising from the water, limpets grazing, and bearded seals singing. These sounds were then layered on top of one another, alongside a beautiful song from the Isle of Arran taught by Rowena. At the end of the workshop participants all joined together to make a recording of a sea soundscape which will be included in a sound installation in the new entrance to the Museum of Zoology which re-opens in early 2016.


CaMEO are continuing to partner with the Museum of Zoology on the project in delivering a number of primary and secondary school workshops in May and June 2015.


If you are interested in taking part with the project, either as a school group or a volunteer then contact Ros Wade at


For the latest information about the project, follow the Ocean Song blog at:

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