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Sutton Trust Summer School: Summer 2012

This summer the Music Faculty opened its doors once again to students from state-funded schools to experience 4 days in the life of a music undergraduate at Cambridge. Workshops and lectures included:

  • Music and Politics
  • Composers’ Intentions and Creative Performance
  • Introduction to Music and Science
  • Harmony
  • Introduction to Conducting
  • Introduction to Analysis
  • 20th Century Music
  • Early Music
  • Gamelan
  • Sight of Sound: Representations of Music in Art

Aside from studying, the students had a chance to try out some of the other activities a Cambridge undergraduate might get up to, including a formal college dinner and punting on the river. Finally, the students were given talks on the admissions procedures for the University as a whole and the Music Faculty in particular, in order to help them decide if and how to apply the following autumn.


 I got to experience aspects of music I had not thought about before and gathered a better understanding of the Cambridge course.”

I didn’t think it was accessible for everyone but now my view has been changed.”

I really enjoyed all the elements of the course and the different aspects of university life.”

Cambridge was even more friendly and warm than I expected.”

It was good to learn what the university course and university life was like, and particularly good to see exactly what was involved to decide whether or not to apply.”

- Summer school participants.

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