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Make a noise: ‘Play me, I’m yours!’ – Festival of Ideas 2012

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Pianos rescued from the scrapheap and decorated by local artists were dotted around the Cambridge city centre with the message: ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’, inviting the whole community, regardless of age, ability and experience, to join together in music making. The idea of ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ has toured around the globe and was presented in Cambridge by CaMEO with the help of  hundreds of students and volunteers and local charities and organisations. These included FLACK (a charitable social enterprise for the homeless community), the Cambridge Women’s Resource Centre, Rowan Humberstone (a charity bringing artists and people with learning disabilities together), and The Blight Society (a charity dedicated to working with the community to change the perception of graffiti artwork). It provided communities with the opportunity to come together for their own jam-sessions or impromptu musical activities, and prompted some of the most enthusiastic responses for an outreach project to date!

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I really liked the pianos around Cambridge, it meant that people who don’t usually play music would have a go, and that places that don’t usually have buskers were filled with sometimes beautiful music. I don’t have any musical instrument of my own, so the fact that this piano was so near and so available was great.”

Such a great idea, I had a tinkle on the piano in Arbury Court. I cannot play but felt the urge to have a ponder, much to the embarrassment of my 13yr old daughter. Brilliant idea!”

I found it great to have this project in Cambridge, with so many people using the pianos and having good time together.”

It was great to watch all ages trying the piano’s out, no matter what their musical ability, the streets are nicer places with people playing music all day. It’s good to give people the chance to try an instrument or to play in front of an audience which they would otherwise not be able to do if they don’t play professionally.”

Bringing the pianos to Cambridge, you have given me the tools to please others and in turn, you’ve made me SO happy in the process!”

                                                                       – Participants

This project has been a great opportunity for us to show the talents of our members. They’re really keen that people recognise homeless people are creative, skilled and have ideas”.       

– Creative director of social enterprise, FLACK.

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