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Lost: Opera in the Fitz – Festival of Ideas 2012

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After the success of last year’s Access All Archives project we returned to the Fitzwilliam Museum to stage a contemporary opera! Composed by Toby Young and Katy Austin, this opera invited the audience through the galleries of the museum for an immersive musical experience. The production was led by a group of students, Charlie Risius (director), Dan Smith (musical director) and was co-ordinated and commissioned by CaMEO. The sold-out performances went on late into the evening, with the aim of introducing a younger generation to opera and contemporary music.

A friend of mine came who’s never seen an opera before and has a general idea that it’s an elitist, out-of-touch art form, came out of it saying she thought it was fantastic, and so excited by it having taken place in the museum.”    

                                                                      – Audience member

an absolutely mad project logistically and it came off brilliantly!”    

               – Project director

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