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Musical Mayhem – Festival of Ideas 2011

Musical Mayhem Sir Cam

Families with children of all ages descended on West Road for a day of musical mayhem, with samba, singing, African drumming, Gamelan, steel pans, storytelling and musical comedy from Holly Walsh (Mock the Week and Never Mind the Buzzcocks)and Ed Petrie (CBBC’s Ed and Oucho’s excellent Inventions), giving everyone a chance to try new musical experiences.

Just to say a BIG thank you to everyone who organised the events at West Road yesterday. My son and I loved it all and although I was slightly worried about his staying power, given we went from Steel Pans to Brazilian Beats to the Go Go Gamelan session, he had a great time and the smile didn’t leave his face! It’s also inspired me to see whether I can do more steel pans myself so fingers crossed.
We look forward to seeing what there is next year!”

- C. (a mum).

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